3 Days to Go….

In three days later, I will be Mrs. Sinaga.

I will be a wife of someone who love me so much, deeply fall in love me.

I can’t imagine, in our 11th month of relationship, I and him will be the one in a marriage relationship.


It’s 2016 and I am Getting Married!

Maybe it’s been too far from the new year 2016. But, let me welcome this 2016 with a new post on March! ๐Ÿ˜€

Why March?? What’s happening??

Since I am getting married this year, I do not have enough time to post something on my wordpress. Everytime I have a willingness to do the posting, I don’t know, it doesn’t happened. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Pardon me, My Blog Followers. ๐Ÿ™‚

So…. let’s start!

I feel really excited that FINALLY, I am getting married! (YEAHHHH!!) ๐Ÿ˜‰

Who’s that guy??

His name is Andri G.A. Sinaga. 4 months after we are in a relationship, he proposed me!

And, in two following months, we are engaged! Thank to God who makes our short time relationship to be meaningful. We don’t have to waste more time to know each other before married. ๐Ÿ™‚

The next words will be in Bahasa Indonesia. I try to share my experience in wedding preparation to my Indonesian colleagues, especially who wants to get married with Batak customs. Here we go for the Batak Wedding Ceremony Preparation…… ๐Ÿ™‚

Oktober 2015 – He proposed me!

Ceritanya after gue lunch dengan temen-temen genk SMA (G-9), malemnya, gue dinner sama Bang Andri. Memang waktu itu, kami sudah ada rencana untuk menikah tahun 2016. Tapi, belum ada kejelasan. ๐Ÿ˜› Akhirnya, pas lagi nunggu makanan, tiba-tiba dia proposed me. (Gue diajak menikaahhh..) Seneng banget. Tapi not so surprised sih. Haha Karna emang dia dari 1 bulan kenalan juga udah bahas-bahas soal married. ๐Ÿ˜€

27 Desember 2015 – Marhori-hori Dinding

Marhori-hori dinding sering juga disebut marbona ni siala atau marbalik balik dinding dan belakangan sering dikatakanย  berkenalan dengan calon besan.

Tujuannya nggak sekedar untuk perkenalan antar calon besan tetapi juga untuk melamar dan menyusun rencana yang pasti yang akan diberitahukan kepada dongan tubu, boru , hulah-hulaย  kedua belah pihak ย pada saat acara pelaksanaan adat nanti.

Pada saat marhori-hori dinding ini, keluarga calon pengantin pria datang ke rumah orang tua calon pengantin wanita (Parboru) dengan beberapa orang keluarga dekat yang mengerti adat. Setelah selesai perkenalan, pembicaraan mulai masuk yang salah satunya membahas tentang sinamot. Sinamot adalah uang untuk Pembelian Perempuan Batak dari Orang Tua Laki-laki yang di berikan kepada Orang Tua pemilik Anak Perempuan.

Di sini, gue nggak mau berteori panjang lebar tentang adat Batak. Jadi langsung aja ya intinya. Ceritanya, Bang Andri dan keluarga dateng ke rumah dengan maksud untuk melamar. Btw, inget banget waktu itu, Bang Andri sendiri yang membuka percapan soal omongan lamaran ini. Dalam hati gue waktu itu, “nih cowo gentleman banget.” Haha

“Maksud kedatangan kami di sini adalah untuk berkenalan dengan keluarga dan membahas tentang rencana pernikahan saya dengan Margareth.”

Seperti itu lah kira-kira omongannya. Haha

30 Januari 2016 – Marhusip


It’s the day of our marhusip. Marhusip adalah pembicaraan tentang pernikahan kami yang dihadiri oleh beberapa keluarga dekat. Waktu itu, keluarga Sinaga banyak banget yang dateng. Diundang 25 orang, yang dateng 50-an orang. Apa Sinaga itu memang banyak ya? Hehehe Tapi seneng banget banyak yang dateng. Rumah rame bangeettt. Pas marhusip, make-up and hair do gue pake MUA (Make Up Artist) Falisha Make Up. Dari dulu emang udah nge-fans abis sama make-upnya Kak Marina. Makanya waktu pas ada rencana nikah, langsung tanpa pikir panjang, booking Falisha Make Up. Haha


Dress code gue bisa dibilang formal pas marhusip. Nuansa putih hijau batik. Ntah kenapa ga tetarik pakai dress di acara marhusip. Haha Kalau kebaya, gue beli di Mba Rahma Gustak dari butiknya di Bali. Sama juga alesannya kayak gue pilih Falisha Make Up. Ya karna dari dulu banget udah kagum sama kebayanya Mba Rahma yang modelnya stylish banget. ๐Ÿ™‚ Kain bawahnya, beli di Batik Semar Pasaraya Blok M. Motifnya samaan kayak kemeja Batik yang dipakai Bang Andri.

Pas marhusip ini, kami diberi uang ingot-ingot. Fungsinya sebagai pengingat bahwa kami akan menikah. Dan.. gue baru tau kalau uang itu ga boleh dijajanin. Bang Andri hampiiirrr pernah bayar parkir pake uang ingot-ingot karna dia nyimpennya di dompet. Hahaha



Biar ada kenang-kenangannya yang bagus, gue sengaja panggil photographer professional. Mitra Photo. Waktu itu, Mas Bagas yang dateng. Karna kami pasangan yang lumayan sibuk (haha), akhirnya sekalian juga setelah marhusip langsung pre wedding photo. Hasilnya lumayan lah. Diajarin gaya juga. Haha Kenapa pilih Mitra Photo? Kepoin Instagram orang-orang yang udah pernah pake Mitra Photo, hasilnya bagus.

Setelah marhusip, karna kami berdomisili gereja di GPIB (Gereja Protestan Indonesia Bagian Barat), maka acara adat selanjutnya adalah Martonggo Raja (untuk keluarga Bang Andri) dan Mar-Ria Raja (untuk keluarga gue). Kami nggak pake martumpol. ๐Ÿ™‚ Jadi….. bisa dibilang, setelah marhusip, Bang Andri bilang, kami tunangan. Haha

The next post will be my stories about my another wedding preparation.

Btw, sekarang gue lagi sibuk ikut Katekisasi Pra-Nikah di GPIB Shalom Depok. 1 minggu 2 kali pertemuan, dari jam 9 – 10 malam. Tapi nggak tau kenapa, meskipun capek habis pulang kerja dan harus (diwajibkan) ikut pertemuan ini, gue semangat banget. Ya kadang emang agak ngantuk sih. Hihihi Tapi ini beneran dapet nasehat yang bagus untuk persiapan berumah tangga nanti dari Pak Pendeta ๐Ÿ™‚

Guys, I welcome any questions from you about this post.

Buat para capeng yang akan menikah dengan adat Batak, SEMANGAT!! I know what you feel. Haha โ™ฅ


Twinkling The Star for My 2016

Today is 31 December 2015. Now we are about to enter the year of 2016. For me 2015 was a year of blessing in my life. Lots of ups and downs that makes me even more to be grateful for this life. There are various kinds of failures, success, fortune, and the impartiality of luck in my life. All of them taught me to be closer to Him.

I never want to regret over what has happened in my life, especially if it is an unpleasant thing. Whatever happens in my life is already my destiny from the Lord. If God wills, whatever will be happened.

There are still many things that will happen in my life in the future. There are still many plans that can not be realized in the year of 2015. But, there are still many plans that I have planned for the year 2016.

May 2016 be a year full of blessings in my life.

Counting hours to go to 2016….

Hope you get more blessings, too. ๐Ÿ˜‰


My Journey to A New Road

Now, I would like to share my experience about my journey to my new road. 16 December 2015 will be a new journey in my career. I use this term as my new road. Why? Because it will be my first time working in an inter governmental organization. Actually, it is what I have been dreaming for since I was in my senior high school. ๐Ÿ™‚

Let me start sharing my experience.

It was on Friday, 16 October 2015. I took my annual leave ย for 1 (one) day to attend my friend’s traditional wedding ceremony. After I attended the ceremony, I went to Ciputra Cibubur Mall just want to do windows shopping. On my way to that mall, as my usual activity, I checked my yahoo mail. I scrolled up and scrolled down the inbox mail. At a glance, I found something, a mail from a HR person of an inter govermental organization. I took some time to think. I was so confused at that time. What kind of e-mail it is. I opened and read the e-mail and it turned out a written test and interview invitation. I shouted hilariously from the bottom of my heart. Haha I have just gotten the interview and written test invitation but I was so feel happy. I tried to remembered when I applied to this job, I checked my sent items yahoo mail, and the fact was I applied this job in one month ago, which was on September. I shared this invitation news to my family and my boyfriend. I asked them to pray for me. *Honestly, it was my first time I shared the interview invitation to them. Previously, I never shared to them since I will be ashamed if I was not accepted in the job I applied. Haha

They motivated me. My boyfriend said hope it would be the best for me. My mom motivated me to study about this organization and to read the recent news about it. Saturday until Thursday, I spent my time to open this organization’s website, did googling about the updated news of this organization, and opened its social media (Facebook and Twitter). I almost give up. I read the article but a minutes later, I forgot what I had read before. Haha Really desperate! At that time, I realized that I was really want that job. ๐Ÿ™‚ On Thursday, I surrender to my God, Jesus, I said to him to give me the best. If HE wanted me to join that organization, HE will smoother the process of written test and interview session.

On Friday morning, based on advice from my Mom, I wore a formal suit: black blazer with white shirt and black skirt. Confidently, I took a car and went to that organization’s office. On my way to that office, I sent short messages to my mom to pray for me. I also called my boyfriend to pray for me. The written test was at 12 PM. But, I arrived at that office at 11.20 AM. I was a little bit nervous. I tried to calm down my feeling, by eating a small brownies which I bought from a cafe in that office. Haha I saw there was another 3 persons waiting for the HR and I saw that two of them have ย a relative in that organization. I almost felt down at that time. But, I changed my mind that I did not have to accepted at that organization. I just wanted to see that famous office and the officials of the organization. ๐Ÿ™‚

At 12 PM, the HR picked up us to go to the written test room. The written test was about writing a proposal. The HR gave us one hour to finish the test. I saw one person in front of me tried to cheat by opening the website of that organization. The other persons looked so confident did the test. I felt that I was the only one who felt confused and really nervous to do the written test.

At 1 PM, the written test was finished. By the way, we did the test in a notebook. The HR asked us to go down and wait until 2 PM for the interview test. During our waiting, we tried to break the ice. We did chit chat. And at that time, I knew that they were potential persons. They have good education and working background in Public Relations and Mass Communication. They were more senior from me. And, I felt down. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

At 2 PM, the HR backed to picked up us to go up for the interview session. My heart felt jumping. I felt that I wanted to go to the toilet to take a pee. Haha They laughed at me. They said that I was so funny. One of them asked to enter the room to start the interview session. I and 2 other persons waited for our turn. 15 minutes later, the HR asked me to enter the room. I thought that it was so fast, as I was not thinking before. I entered the room and I saw there were 4 persons including that HR to do interview to me. They greeted me friendly. Suddenly, I could counter my nervous. They asked my various questions. At the end of the session, they asked me to do presentation about the proposal I had written before. Ohhh… it was my bad proposal and I should present to the. I felt shame. Haha

I had been interviewed for almost a half hour. I asked to the HR, when they will announce who the successful candidateย is and how many person would be accepted. The HR told me that she would give me notification by mail at least 2-3 weeks after the date of interview.

I went down the floor and called my mom. I shared my story to her and she was confidently said that I would be accepted in that organization. Amen! ๐Ÿ™‚

One week later, I did not get any notification or news from the HR. Hmm, I felt sad since I thought that If was the successful candidate, one week was enough to let me know. Because of my desperation, I went to barbershop to do hair creambath. Haha When the hairstylist almost finished the process and blew my hair, I checked my yahoo mail. And, I found an email came from that organization. I was so nervous. I thought it was a notification that I was not suitable in that position. I thought it just a thank you e-mail. I opened the mail and I saw that the HR congratulated me that I was successfully passing my interview test. Thanks, GOD!! The HR asked me to do medical check up test. However, she said that the job offer fitted to the medical check up result. I was not patiently share about this good news to my family and my boyfriend. They were really happy. They said that they had a feeling that I would be accepted in that organization.

One week later, I did my medical check up. After a long process of medical check up (it took two days), the doctor stated in the document that I was fit medically. Yeaaahhh!! Praise to the LORD! I delivered the result to the organization’s office and all security at that office congratulated me as they knew that I brought the result of medical check up test. Hehehe

On the evening, I got an email from the HR which congratulated me that I was successfully pass all stages of the selection. I might process my resignation from my recent company. I was so happy. It looked like put an ice in my forehead. Feeling cool. ๐Ÿ˜€

God prepared me for something better after my long time waiting.



Almost 27

Thanking God for what HE’s given to me until today.

Healthiness, wealthiness, career which more grow up, love ones (my family, my boyfriend, my colleagues, and my friends) have been given for FREE to me.

Sometimes I wonder how can I live until now without the support from YOU. I am just YOUR servant, GOD. ๐Ÿ™‚

My 26th is full of UP and DOWN stories. Loveย and career were being my two life points which gradually changed in my life.


After a couple of years I was in a relationship with someone, finally God woke me up from that past relationship. God’s preparing someone better for me. 13 June 2015, I met him. We went for a lunch, enjoyed our coffee and snack time, and after that we went to movie. And at that day, I realized that I fell in love with him. ๐Ÿ™‚ 14 June 2015, we are officially in a relationship. He’s a nice guy and very kind to me. He always supports me and always be right there for me. He’s really mature and always tries to understand me. I love both his physics and his personality. After a couple of months we were in a relationship, he proposed me. We plan to get married next year. Hope God bless our relationship.


I wished someday I could work in an intergovernmental organization. It’s been my wish since I was in my senior high school. That’s why I always prepare my self to learn about international political system and English language. I really curious about building up a country with the cooperation tactical across the region countries. After a years I struggle working in various private multinational companies, GOD heard my pray. HIS promise is always beautiful. I still can not believe I am given a chance to work there. Yeayyyy!! There are mix feeling of happy and surprise. I can successfully pass stages of selection. From the 4 persons invited to do written test and to join the interview session, its organization just selected 1 person. I was almost pessimist. But, after a week of the interview session, I got notification that I passed the stages. Yeayyyy againnnn!! ๐Ÿ˜€

Tomorrow will be my new age. 27th is an interesting number. I planned to get married when I am in my 27th. But, GOD has another plan in my life. He just want to see my faithfulness to HIM.

By the ways, If you are interested to know how I patiently waited HIS promise, you may read this post:ย Mempertanyakan Kehidupan. I am sorry that the post is in Indonesian language. You may useย Google Translateย to translate it into your preference language.

Now, I still keep hoping that GOD will write beautiful stories for my 27th.ย Bless my plans, GOD. Hope my plan is same with YOUR plan.

I am counting hours to go my 27th. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Result of Waiting

Now I am in in front of my goals. Sitting around my fruitful waiting after a couple of months.

See my previous post about my overthinking in my last difficult situation:ย Overthinking

Actually, I was struggle with two big things in my life. Do you know what makes me able to stay until now?? HIS promise to me.

I know that God will never let me fall in the sorrowfulness. My faith! I believe that HE always be here to support me.

Thanking God that my result of waiting is good.ย Please make it smooth, God.

One more step to make it clearer. ๐Ÿ˜‰




Thinking is a human process to consider what the best decision is in human life.
I am the kind of human who likes to overthink something. I can not decide something fast or in a hustle situation. I am really such a perfectionist woman. I often need many inputs from everyone around me. But, sometimes, what being my final decision is not something from other’s input. Haha So far, until today, I have no difficulty in deciding any important matters or any urgent things. ๐Ÿ™‚

But, today I face difficulty in deciding something. Stay or leave it. I know that If I choose to leave it, it is not good for me. But, at the other side, If I choose to stay, it is not good for my self development.

For me, now it’s time to wait. I still believe that someday my efforts and my patience to wait are not being in vain.

It’s time to do overthinking. Not because I am really slowly in deciding something. But, it is because of the result of my decision will be related to my future.

Good things take time!


Why asking “why” when we still feel comfortable with our current situation.

It is better to pretend that we do not know why it is happened to us than looking for the reason why it is happened.

Why does someone hate you?

Why does ย someone stay away from you?

Why does someone not want to make a friend with you?

Why does someone look not care to you?

Why does someone not put any attention to you?

Why does someone neglect you?

Why does someone underestimate you?

The answer may hurt you. But, his/ her answer is just a rubbish opinion.

Do not ever think that you are a bad person because of their opinion. As long as you keep spreading the kindness to the people around you, they will change!

Yes, someday you will turn the table.

People do not change. They just show their real side. ๐Ÿ™‚


Past, Today, and Future Insight

Suddenly wondering, how If everyone doesn’t know what the “past” is.. Whether it will be good??
Wondering how If everyone just know the “today” and the “future” term?
Look back in anger. Thinking that you should not meet that someone in past.
Supposing that the “current” reality is better than the past.
How about the “future”?? It shall be better than the “today”.
The problem is who will be with you in the future?
Will you regret that you have been with that someone today?
Today will be past. Tomorrow will be today.
The time cycle will never be changed.


Sunny Sunday with Family

This is a part of what a family about, not just love, but letting others know there’s someone who is watching out for them.

People will come visit, friends, associates, but it’s not the same as having someone whom you know has an eye on you, is watching you the whole time.

[Tuesday with Morrie: The Fifth Tuesday-We Talk About Family]

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